Thursday, July 20, 2006


Those who read "Sell AMD" know that I was speaking of tendencies that in my opinion are very clearly defined on the bearish sentiment, but there isn't any part on the article with specific timings, and I forgot to include elements which may revert the trend. Although I sustain the whole article because AMD doesn't have a plan, leaving the company in grave jeopardy, new plans may make AMD a good investment again, just that I don't see that likely having watched closely AMD's management for the last months.

But major events such as Intel's reports and AMD's reports take precedence over tendencies.

Also, you should know that I couldn't "just sell" my shares, because I wrote covered calls and didn't want to expose myself to a violent temporary reversal of the trend.

After I saw Intel results, I was able to gauge how good AMD results were going to be for the quarter, thus I decided to go plain long with my shares for the earnings report, covered my written calls, and hope for the best.

Tomorrow, or perhaps a bit later, I will keep implementing the "Asatru Skald money pump" with a bit more of emphasis on protective puts. I also have to describe the details of the "Asatru Skald three-cycle volatility-ripple money pump".

Suffices to say that this is not a "faith crisis", but a rude awakening to the reasons why AMD's stock price went to less than a half.