Thursday, July 27, 2006

Amazing Week

Hello Audience!

Ever since I posted "Sell AMD" I've had very intense days, in the following weeks you will hint for yourselves how much, because I will be posting the many events here.

First, it was the period of pre-earnings for Intel in which I had a significant bearish position, which coincided with the period in which I had to receive your criticism for my change of stance, its suddenness, etc, and to reply to that responsibly.

Then, Intel reported, and the following day, I made this mistake in (supposedly) "AMD gains revenue share", and had the embarrassing bad luck of having been corrected thanks to A1 in the blog, and still, unaware of the correction, being fooled by my own calculations to cover my written calls at a loss of $100 each only to lose even more money thanks to AMD results. Remember that I couldn't just sell my shares, my investment strategy, although demonstrably bearish on AMD, includes going long in shares, but of course, this "last opportunity" of going long without the cushion of written calls made me lose.

AMD reported, I had to trade furiously on Friday to fully implement my strategy, in particular buying LEAPS puts, and while doing that, SLAM! the rumor of ATI broke.

Then, the whole weekend I had to do a *lot* of homework to finish setting up the "Angelwarewest - Knapper Tech - Asatru Skald - Chicagrafo" money pump at the cheapest cost, which involved quite a lot of research. I also shared some of my results in the "Ireland" message board, and discussed with our friends there quite a lot about the mechanism, I will detail the results of my research in the blog as soon as I get to organize all the material in public publication format. On top of that, further analysis about Intel's Everest mountain of inventory,
and AMD's results was meritory.

Sunday night, I found out casually looking at my balance that I was in margin call!, I hope to amuse you with the anecdote as soon as I an put it down.

Monday morning, I had to do a number of trades and listen very attentively to the conference call about the merger, and I have been studying the purchase of ATI. I think that the audience that I have garnered thanks to the technology insights will not be dissapointed with the ideas that I am profiling for publication.

From Tuesday on, I have been catching on with my life, and today, I finally got a chance to update the blog. Keep in tune!