Friday, April 13, 2007

Articles relating to Vista

Vista slower at 3D games, commentary about a HardOCP article

Microsoft Vista may follow the DAT into oblivion compares the Digital Audio Tape to Vista, in particular it expands about how they are a good technical proposition spoiled by DRM. This highlights how the emphasis that all DRM systems put in control blocks more effectively innovation than piracy.

In 4+GB Windows and XP x64 I explain that Vista x64 is not an acceptable AMD64 Operating System

In "Sell AMD", an article I wrote in July 2006, I explain why Microsoft had to "backpedal" about AMD64 in Vista, as a good example of how AMD is not capable of transforming excellent innovation into clear competitive advantages; in this case, partnering with a software house in a project that doesn't have any need to innovate nor introduce AMD advances.

A description of the problems of Windows, which explain why Vista probably was the wrong approach to modernizing the franchise.

And "Hasta la Vista", probably the best article so far.