Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Virtualization Articles Index

Hello Audience.

I am overhauling the blog creating some categories such as Virtualization, Dell, Microsoft, Options and Derivatives, to post catalogs in which I cross reference what I say about them and put the indexes in the side bar.

Toghether with the backward links in the articles themselves, the "links to this post" blogspot feature, and the indexes, I hope the dedicated reader who finally finds the hours it takes to read my book-long posts to have an easier time to dig deep in these subjects.

Of course, these "Index Posts" will grow with time.

"Apple up like a rocket": Apple computers are gaining market share very fast, and to convert even more skeptics now Parallels offers hypervisor level virtualization for Mac OS X 10.5 "Leopard" host computers.

The Case for Virtualization: A "Chicagrafo style" introduction to this fascinating subject, followed by "Part II".

Practical advise, links and hardcore information about technologies surrounding Virtualization in AMD64 the Practical Way.

Commentary on an article comparing Intel's Vanderpool with AMD's PacĂ­fica/Presidio, a bit heavy.