Monday, December 17, 2007

This blog is first in Google search!

I just noticed that Google is giving high search rankings to posts in this blog.

I am particularly proud of one search query at which this blog shows first:


The reason I put the hyphens is to obfuscate the words, I don't want Google to point to this article if you put that search query.

The link points to "Does AMD know what it's doing?" written in June, a good link indeed.

The celebration of the second anniversary is coming, I am happy that things are "clicking" for the blog: The market has vindicated the author, I am finding good material to work, the quantity has increased, and the articles have gained much more acceptance. The hike in Google ranking is also reason to celebrate for you, the reader: It means that a truly independent medium to express opinions, not conditioned, mediated or controlled by Wall Street remains open for your passive participation (or, if you are commenting, active!), while it is raising in its significance.

I hope to be able to be up to the heightened responsibility.

Note: I found out about this particular search query because I have a service that, if the visitor comes from a search query, it keeps tabs on the queries.