Monday, February 05, 2007

Ostrander retires, Grose comes in

I learned today that Daryl Ostrander is retiring and Douglas Grose will take his place.

I don't know much about either, but under Ostrander AMD became a manufacturing powerhouse that basically caught up with Intel's performance while being a silicon process generation behind and supplied 20% of the market with a puny 200mm Fab working at chronic overproduction, all while earning accolades such as Sematech's.

In comes Douglas Grose. This is what we know of this guy:
* Comes from IBM in a position overseeing silicon process development
* Graduated in the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, which "is fairly near IBM's research facilities in upstate NY" -- thanks jspeed, I am a fool who automatically assumed that the RPI was located in Germany because of the name!.
* Masters in business
* PhD. in materials science.

Doesn't seem that D. Ostrander was sacked.


jspeed said...

I take it as a bad sign that Ostrander "retired" days after Intel announced their 45 nm technology.

That said, I do like the fact that Grose went to RPI (my alma mater). I don't understand your comment about the German link. But of course, RPI is fairly near IBM's research facilities in upstate NY.

Eddie said...

Thanks for the correction, jspeed. And thanks for leaving a name. I don't necessarily agree on D. O. retiring scared of 45nm