Thursday, February 08, 2007

The CBOE calculator the easy way

The CBOE (Chicago Board of Options Exchange) offers this Java APPLET to assess option prices or implied volatilities of options:

In its original location, the applet is surrounded by irrelevant material that only takes screen space, which makes this nice little tool a bit impractical. To ease its use, I am writing this post with the instructions on how to create a simple .HTML file that points to it in which 90%+ of the screen space is the applet itself (so that you may have many open at the same time).

It is simple, you have two options: Resize a window that points to this post, or just copy the following code to "notepad" (I use notepad2, a GPL editor) and save it as an html file, then bookmark that html file.

<title>Minimal HTML file to embed the CBOE Option Calculator</title>
Courtesy of Chicagrafo, 2007</a>


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