Tuesday, September 12, 2006

My letter to "The Inquirer" about the message board

We moved to "Investor Village". Trying to reach the fellows with whom we have lost contact, our fellow "Plantlife" contacted personnel of "The Inquirer", with a letter that you may read here. Following that initiative, I also contacted Mr. McGee, and this is what I said:


I just wanted to contact you to commend you on your quick reply to the letter our fellow "Plantlife424", Tony, sent you, and to provide a bit of extra information and background on these news.

Just like "plant" (Tony) says, our community has been successful at deciphering the evolution of not only the stock price of AMD, but also Intel, Dell, and other related companies. We were able to do that because making use of the possibilities of the internet we managed to create a community that produced synergy of our individual skills. Our community members, that were already successful investors from all walks of life, leveraged the communication possibilities offered by message boards to eventually create this synergy of information and interpretation.

The purpose of Yahoo at offering free of charge this service of message boards, couldn't have been anything but to facilitate what we ourselves eventually created. Nevertheless, what was facilitated eventually became disencouraged by Yahoo itself through the imposition of a new graphical format and user interface that were an involution regarding our needs. Thus, we "moved" to another Yahoo message board that still operated in the old format the 17 of July. You may appreciate following this link:


that immediately after Jul 17 that message board had a stream of messages that ended up with the impressive number of 14,350 messages at Saturday Sept. 9, less than two months afterward, when Yahoo virtually destroyed our refuge by not only imposing the dreaded new format, but also breaking all the URLs that pointed to discussion threads we were participating, rendering all of our bookmarks inoperative

I hope that eventually someone will document this effort, because there are many projects that began with simple messages in a message board and went on to conquer the entire world such as the Linux operating system, and I guess that the audience of "The Inquirer" would find interesting that a Search company such as Yahoo, couldn't provide a half-decent service (because it also had brownouts and blackouts in the months previous to the imposition of the new format), and a company that supposedly cares about its users could have imposed these changes despite nearly unanimous rejection; and I hope also the funny aspect of a wandering nomad group of message boarders trying to find a place to keep their debates.

Our community is so very well organized, and so spontaneous, that in the matter of minutes we were already installed in the Investor Village site:


On which about two hundred of the regulars of our community have already said "present" by this Sunday's afternoon.

We received with joy your offering to run this on "The Inquirer".

I want to emphasize that the (in)famous "Money Pump" that is giving me so much money is a collective development of the AMD message board. That development has paid already, in my case, all the efforts that I have put into that message board.

In any case, we:
Have news tigers that bring to the board any piece of information in internet time. We have probably the best AMD news service available thanks to them. Our fellows live all over the world, literally, thus the issue of time zones is not an issue really.

Have financial experts that can dillucidate in seconds the significance of any number that comes in the reports; including which are the fishy numbers that are likely accounting manipulations or anything.

Have close followers of many other companies that have relation with AMD, which allows to put into perspective at once any information that happens in those companies; as a matter of fact, this is so effective that thanks to the guidance of the board I have taken successful positions (bearish or bullish) on Dell, Intel, Microsoft, Apple, and even Pacific Ethanol.

Have visionaries that can look very far ahead for current tendencies

Have closet historians that can tell you fascinating tales of what happened during the ancient Jerry Sanders III times and how those events express in the present.

Have ex-emploees of both Intel and AMD to give us better insider perspectives.

Have fellows very well acquaintanced with the who's who in the world of technologies. For example: We read that a member of the AMD board of directors, Morton Topfer, bought some shares. Then, in a matter of minutes the board was "flaming" with discussions about who M. T. was, that he comes from Dell, that he had bought such and such shares in such and such periods, that he personally knows such and such, etc.

Have an outstanding lineup of technologists that get to the core of the significance of every bit of technology discussion.

For those who like it, we have "Technical Analysts" (a.k.a. "Chartists")

Have an army of "alpha" and "beta" testers: Is there something interesting out there?: Most probably an AMD boarder is trying it.

Have contacts with decision makers in companies who may buy, develop, distribute AMD products, or to supply materials.

We even have entertainment.

The greatest guarantee that an investor may have that his investment is going to yield good results is to consistently take well informed decisions. This message board does that.

Historic initiatives such as Linux had humble message board beginnings.


Eddie said...

I am very surprised that "The Inquirer" actually published this letter, verbatim and all: