Thursday, September 07, 2006

Hewlett-Packard welcomes Dell to the AMD market

Mark Hurd, CEO of HP speaking at Citigroup's 13th Annual Global Technology Conference in New York, was quoted here referring to the Dell decision to do AMD computers the following:

"It's a good thing for AMD to get critical mass"
This brief statement has very significant implications. For me, it is as if he was saying:
"We are pleased to see that AMD is gaining traction in all market segments because we, HP, are the undisputed leaders of AMD consumer computers thanks to all the years of experience and research and development that we have accumulated with AMD. Any company marketing AMD processors ultimately helps our own AMD marketing efforts because we are perceived to be the leaders today and for the foreseeable future in AMD computers. Being Dell in particular, with its size and notorious previous exclusivity of Intel processors, the company who is behind this marketing push, our worst obstacle to market AMD, consumer skepticism, may be dissipated. This also means that we have Intel by the gonads and not the other way around, which is a "good thing" for everyone"
Intel, ladies and Gentlemen, is in a world of hurt.

Mark Hurd's words were brought to our attention by the message board here, and I posted this idea here. In our blogosphere neighborhood, Sharikou also covered these news.