Sunday, August 13, 2006

Sharikou's denounciation of Western Civilization

I just had a hard laugh thanks to Sharikou:

He basically says that the whole western civilization is smoke and mirrors, being the media the apparatus for the massive delusion of freedom.

Well, very understandable social comment coming from the most active "media manipulator" in the AMD blogosphere. Read Sharikou's posts and you will see manipulation in the form of systematic bias toward his points of view, disregard for his mistakes and disregard for evidence contrary to his beliefs; actually a parallel universe.

I guess that Sharikou wouldn't understand what credibility is, that's why his denounciation is so laughable.

But I can agree with Sharikou in that there is rampant manipulation in the modern world, that's why I realized early this year that us, the little "retail investors" only have each other to help us navigate the turbulent waters of the big shots pulling the strings in Wall Street. Among those lines, inspired by the torrent of links, information and commentary that Sharikou poured on the community, I thought that if each of us could replicate to our capacities that effort, then the quality of the information would overcome the manipulation. Eventually, I felt that Sharikou's blog was over the top, and withdrew my endorsement.

To my satisfaction, the community of AMD investors who gathered in the Yahoo message board has proved to be beyond the attempts to manipulate it: I see a lot of active members of the comunity still posting on every phase of our cycle: The climb to $42, the debacle to $17, etc. When Yahoo decided to come with this dreaded new format, our community simply moved out to "Ireland" in an eyeblink (there is a wonderful link: The community first fed itself up of the mindless pumping of "Hash", and then also progressively ejected Sharikou for his lack of credibility. I was also, to a degree, put to the test after my diametral change of stance on AMD. I am Ok. with people not trusting me as much as before, it is only natural after such sudden and drastic change of opinion, but I hope that the same good qualities that allowed the community to eject true "positives" of mindless pumpers will eventually recognize that I am a false positive of a basher.

This humble effort of mine at least is guided by principles such as transparency and honesty, that's why I am so proud of having a growing audience of unmet friends that remains even after the change of stance. These pages remain open to post criticism and contrarian opinions, I will keep trying to answer the best possible way to at least what I feel to be the most intelligent posts, no matter if contrarian or in agreement.

I think that these words to a degree disproves Sharikous thesis, they may not reach mainstream, but I guess that they produce an effect of de-manipulation on readers. In the mean time, what Dr. (?) Sharikou fails to understand is that Western Civilization, or Western Democracy, is ultimately what people makes up of it. It is indeed possible to create environments of meritocracy, such as our message board community.

If you liked "The Matrix", I would advise you to download and watch the awesome Open Source short movie "Elephants Dream" and come by to leave a comment about it.


Anonymous said...

Hey Eddie

AMD appears to have bottomed out. All the negative news seems to have been factored into the price already. Maybe it is time to go long, in case you are not anymore. It is a very good medium/long term play.


Anonymous said...


I find it quite amusing that you are going out of your way to bash Sharikou. I remember you two singing the same songs not so long ago when you were buying up AMD.