Saturday, August 12, 2006

Sharikou's dennounciation of Western Civilization

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Sharikou, Ph. D said...

Dude, I somehow touched your nerve?

You have zero credibility. You are homeless. Your motherland and your countrymen think you are a traitor. What good can you do? A man without purpose is dead. Dude. What is your purpose?

Eddie said...


The Emperor of Rome himself honors us with his visit.

The proper reply that you deserve is this:

In your alternative reality I am what you say, in reality the one who has zero credibility is you, and we don't know whether you are homeless, or anything because you are all smoke and mirrors.

Now, for the rest of the audience, it may be needed a bit of background: Dr. (?) Sharikou had an argument with me in which it was natural to mention that I became very active in my home country in the defense of Democracy from the attack of stalinist communism, and as a result of that I felt pressure to leave.

Some of my countrymen initially supported the communist "revolution", but since it brought deeper poverty to those already poor, and much more corruption, they got to understand the mistake they did; but for me it was too late, I can not forget the extremes to which those former friends went against us the ones who were just trying to make them to see the mistake they were making.

Thus, I somewhat ceased feeling a fellow patriot of them, and decided to disengage and leave; perhaps that's why Dr. (?) Sharikou calls me a traitor and homeless.

Nevertheless, after very rough beginnings, I am opening up a new life thanks to the help I have received of many new friends, and my old friends keep being supportive and as confident as to entrust me with their money to manage it toghether with mine in the stock market, even after the losses in AMD.

I don't want to answer to Dr. (?) Sharikou's question of "What is my purpose", I will say that I am having a blast of a fulfilling life, though.