Friday, June 30, 2006

Introduction: On the nature of this Blog:

     I have to confess I have no idea what this blog is about, and Reading Chicagrafo's profile does not help much.

     ¿Is it about Technology at large?
     Then ¿why all I hear about here is About Intel and AMD?

     ¿Is it About financial Markets?
     Then ¿Why chicagrafo refuses to read the works of Aswath Damodaran?

     ¿About the financial Markets of High tech companies?
     This may be the case, but when I try to talk to Chicagrafo about the financials, he says he is concentrated on the technology, and when I tray to talk to him about the technology, he says to me that he is busy with the financials.

     ¿Is it about the X86 Microprocessor Market?
     Then: ¿Why I do not hear about the C7 Chips from VIA? (You know, those that have encryption instructions built in the instruction set).

[Ok, we had our laughs and internal jokes, but see the grain of truth in this]

     ¿Is it an AMD Vs. Intel Blog?
     ¡I think this is it!

     And what is worse, oh dear reader: I have no Idea who you are....

     Maybe you are a bunch of PostDocs (that is what comes after a real Ph.D., not a Ph.D. like Sharikou's) reading it just for the laughs, or maybe, you are a bunch of high school kids with too much time on their hands (I shall know, I used to be one, but I only had books, no Internet, no cable).

     Therefore, as we are forced to do most of the time in the MBA, ¡I will assume!

     I will assume that this forum is abut AMD Vs. Intel, both in Finances and in Technology, and that all other things are circumstantial to this main end. And I will assume that the readership is mixed.

     If I operate under that assumption, the best I can do is to build my theoretical construct step by step, laying the foundations, until the construct is completed. I will leave to Chicagrafo the grunt work of keeping you on top off current events, and dedicate myself to the theoretical underpinnings of my construct...

     ¡Bear with me, as it may prove to be an interesting journey!




Eddie said...

This blog is about anything I feel like. So far, my greatest motivation has been to share opinions about the evolution of the x86 technology, with the intention of helping each other to succeed.

If any of you object, I encourage you to launch your own blog under your own editorial criteria ;-)

There have been opinions contrarian to mine that have helped me to have a deeper understanding, thus I am happy with the effort it has taken me to carry on this blog. About the inevitable garbage, it is there, but it doesn't harm if you just ignore it.

The community is pretty much forming itself, thing that makes me feel pretty honored.

Now, Howling, you are/will be such a valuable contributor to this blog because we work very very differently (complementary): The very first thing you pursued about this blog was its specification, making evident your predilection for analytical thinking; while on the other hand I go too far in speculation and free expression of opinion, because I concentrate in the ideas, the creativity

howling2929 said...

Well, the Idea of that first post was twofold:

* It gave the audience an idea of what to expect about my posts.

* It showed the contradictions that some companies (and people) have between stated objectives and real actions. ¿Rememeber when the motto was: "My way to share my technical expertise"?

A mutual friend of us used to say to me: "The noise of your actions does not let me hear the sound of your words". This happens with companies, NGOs, Non for Profits, Bloggers, and people in general, ¡with disastrous results!

This is all too common for companies, and leads to problems in the execution, as we will see in a few weeks with both Intel AND AMD.


PS: By the way Chi: the guy married a girl from Latvia, very simmilar to his "Caballota" blonde girlfriend in the university, and is living in Arizona... If you are reading this, my friend, "¡Se le aprecia!"

Anonymous said...

thx howling, you gave me some real laughs i've not had in days.

this is a great blog, since it actually involves real technical data (unlike sharikou's), and real financial analysis (unlike sharikou's). i hope you guys keep adding good posts like you've done it before.

this maybe is an AMD vs. Intel thread, but its also a great educational thread (well, at least i learned a lot here).