Friday, June 23, 2006

Fourth Factory

It's simple:

  1. Multicores that need bigger dice, and drastically reduce yields.
  2. Proximity to the silicon processing partner, IBM
  3. The Albany Technology Park
  4. Highest qualified people available a plenty
  5. Greatest Communications/transportation Hub of the entire world
  6. Increasing Market Share
  7. Technology Leadership
  8. And a bit of help from the State of New York.
Since the stock price movement of AMD is totally absurd, this will induce a slide in the price share and I didn't cover my written calls, but I am very well aware that my shares are worth much more!


Anonymous said...

PLease explain 4th factory math:

NY, F36 and F38/30

Note - F38 is not a new fab it is a conversion of (read - replacing) F30

Eddie said...

Fab30(/38), Fab36, Chartered 7, NY.

Don't get me wrong, I am stretching the numeration because when I posted "Third Factory..." The news were so fresh that it wasn't clear that it was refurbishing Fab30, and I didn't understand so well the "Bump and Test" facility that was going to be built between Fab30(/38) and Fab36.

With that, we can be talking about 5 factories. Since there are some Hindu investors building yet another fab, perhaps AMD could have soon production capacity from 5 fabs plus a bump and test facility.

Anonymous said...

F30 = F38... how are you now getting to 5?!?!?

There will be 3 Si chip producing AD fabs (F36, F30/38 and the not yet built NY fab)

Eddie said...

Does five seem outrageous to you?

What about Six (6) production facilities!?:

* Fab30/38
* Fab36

In the process of producing revenue wafers:

* Chartered 7


* Semindia (

* New York Albany Technology Park


* Dresden "Bump and Test"

Does this satisfy you?