Monday, March 03, 2008

Second Aniversay

This blog began in January of 2006.

When I got some money to invest in the stock market in November of 2005, I discovered the very active community around the Yahoo message board for AMD, and began to participate there with intensity. The usefulness of the board indicated what was lacking: There were some propositions that I was thinking about that I didn't know how to summarize into items suitable for fora; and fora illustrates the need for reference material. On the other hand, and I don't feel any guilt or embarrassment to say it, Sharikou's blog demonstrated how far a blog could go. So, I decided to experiment with the concepts of blogs, and began to publish articles here.

At the beginning, I got to be popular really fast, hundreds of repeating visitors per day. The reason is clear: This blog was part of the system that made AMD's euphoria to resonate in technophile circles. Once AMD crashed, the credibility for my opinions and this blog crashed along with it. Fortunately, a core of readers kept coming back, perhaps because a minimum of readers realized that while I was very opinionated and arrogant, at least I never compromised in intellectual honesty.

Since a core audience never abandoned this project, I eventually came to appreciate that I should just continue with it, to continue to improve the quality of what I write; the part that gets me enthusiastic about you, the audience, is that you are neither mindless AMD cheerleaders (you would have left long ago), nor mindless AMD bashers, 'cos mindless bashers wouldn't ever respect the opinions of someone who used to be as optimistic on AMD as I was. Furthermore, the audience of this blogs tolerates the change of opinion form one extreme to the other. That is remarkable, to have filtered an audience from the cacophony of the internet to people who respects opinions.

I wanted to explain why I am so proud.

Anyway, lately I have been particularly busy with professional engagements, and as I said I would do, I reduced my positions on AMD to a minimum (due to the lack of clarity and ample opportunities the big players will have to manipulate this price), to construct a not so speculative and not so big bullish-Intel/bearish-Market combo, so, I have been sort of taking a vacation on the market lately. There are a large number of things to talk about, though. Perhaps I will squeeze the chances to actually write them, just that it has been over a month since my last post and I don't want to create uncertainty about the future of this project. It has been over two years, and I can see how much the constant effort of writing has improved my skills to get information and present that information, like I said, I very much appreciate the audience, so, this project has increased its importance for me; just that I can't keep the usual rythm in times my business are doing so well.


bang0r said...

Happy 2nd anniversary! I have been following this blog since the article on sunw's multiple personality complex.

Mike said...


I enjoyed your latest post which touches on your encounter with Obama.

Keep up the good work and don't quit writing about AMD and/or Intel.