Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Regain The Lead?

"[At AMD, t]hey've been very quiet recently on what they are going to do to regain the lead in the server space in the back half of the year" [my emphasis].

That was Doug Freedman quoted in reuters.

Mr. (?) Freedman, you are an imbecile because AMD currently has the lead ALL ACROSS THE BOARD, having the undisputed best processors from the top multiprocessor x86 server segment to dual core 64 bit processors for the mobile market, including the value desktop, and the gaming high end market. If Intel is able to regain the lead at some of those segments, that is something THAT HASN'T HAPPENED, thus AMD doesn't have to regain anything, quite the contrary, at most you may wonder what are they doing to KEEP THE LEAD.


Joe Berenguer said...
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