Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Live Intel Lies Thread, AMD Truths

  1. Gigahertz is the only thing that counts
  2. Deep pipelines is the proper way to do processor architectures
  3. Nobody needs 64 bits computing
  4. Itanium will conquer the world
  5. 64 bit computing as done in AMD64 is no good, Itanium is the way
  6. We are not copying AMD64, and will not ever support that instruction set, we will focus on Itanium
  7. AMD's dual cores are as good as ours (Intel didn't even have proper single die dual core, but dual dice), ditto for quad cores (dual dice dual core)
  8. Core Duo will be 64bits
  9. V//V is 64 bits
  10. Paxville will whip Opterons
  11. Intel will regain the performance crown in 2005
  12. We lost just 1% market share to AMD in last quarter
  13. SOI (Silicon On Insulator) is unnecessary and expensive, plain Strained Silicon is better
  14. Skype can't do 10-way conference calls without an Intel Core Duo (this may be a lie from Skype)

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George said...

EM64T Slower Than 32 bits

PDP10 stile memory adressing on pentium 4