Saturday, January 28, 2006

The Best Yahoo Finance Message Board Posts

This is a personal selection of the most insightful posts I have run into at the Yahoo Finance message boards, or related websites and that I had the opportunity to include here. They are ordered by significance or freshness. Be aware that I very seldomly update this post.

Another post by Ron, I liked the phrase of "
The AMD architecture and roadmap is too elegant not to be right". Also, here it is the link he links to some nested posts.

AMD stock valuation & tech revolution: Explaining why AMD at $200 today is not unreasonable. I gave it a reply that complements the original post here

The four aces, explaining how the important customers see the inherent strategic superiority of AMD's offerings and will keep pouring billions of dollars into development. [This is the first "Ireland" post!]

About Bank of America, Merryll Lynch, and others downgrading AMD/upgrading Intel in public, but privately doing exactly the opposite. We cellebrate that the Deutsche Bank finally got in line with what it preached, because it sold a bit of AMD and bought a bit of Intel

The real reason why AMD has beaten Intel

Good commentary on Intel and AMD Q1 results, pt1, and pt2

The highlights of 2006 Q1 CC

The Strategic Checkmate, pt2

SAP's recommendation to go AMD

The manual for Bashers
If the link doesn't work, use this manually:

In defense of purchasing Dell febraury puts

A Portfolio's Manager view of AMD, I especially liked how he described the technical advantage that AMD has over Intel and the blind hope some analysts have about Intel closing the gap due to its huge R&D resources available to GM paying its way to equality with Toyota. At AMD, 1324460

Virtualization "Microsoft Style", at AMD, #

A comparison between Pentium 4 and low end Sempron

A bit of humor, At AMD, #

An explanation in rough language of the reasons why AMD is so superior to Intel, also the thread is advisable. At AMD, #1319931

The next big threat At AMD, #

The mistery! Dell selling AMD processors!

Valuation of AMD